Monday, May 05, 2008

Wellington Meets His Waterloo

Bank Holidays seem to come thick and fast in Springtime. The few weeks since my last entry have seen a remarkable change in the weather. The Christmas-like feel of Easter has given way to to an August-like feel to May Day. Despite the low cloud, overcoats and woolies have given way to t-shirts, ice-cream and an abundance of panting dogs. At Runswick Bay, the 'Wellie Olympics' were being held to raise funds for Laura - a 13 year old local girl with cystic fibrosis. The turnout was impressive, yet a competitive edge suffused the proceedings. Serious youths and brawny farmers, delicate ladies and cocky kids, all endeavoured to seek the fleeting fame of a wellie 'well wanged'. The aerodynamics of a Wellington boot, however, do not suffer fools, nor crosswinds, gladly and I had to follow this confident and overly competent cove too......

Yes, that is the starting line! I somehow forgot to let go of the blessed thing!