Friday, April 28, 2006

Bookends To What Lies Between

I took a walk along Whitby seafront today. The entire fishing fleet was in because of a severe weather forecast. The trawlermen have their own drinking haunts, tucked away up sidestreets and darkened alleys - they are a breed apart from the plastic palaces of daytrippers and the superficial tweeness beloved of off-duty systems analysts from the cities looking for haute cuisine and a comfy corner overlooking the harbour. They risk their lives on every trip and I can honestly say I have yet to meet a trawlerman I dislike. Good honest folk.
The town is full of the very old and the very young this week. The allure of the rolling waves and far horizons bring mystery to the young and memories to the old. Fish and chips and sandcastles, seagulls and slot machines - adventures anticipated and good times remembered - bring smiles to the visiting faces. What lies ahead or lies behind does not seem to matter - its a day out by the sea. Life may get in the way, but the magic will be with you always.

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