Thursday, April 06, 2006

Giggling In The Rigging

Well that didn't last long! Dull and cloudy this morning but with a mild wind blowing offshore. I haven't noticed many cows in the fields yet - the ground is sodden around these parts and I expect there is not enough wellingtons to go round. I expect that within weeks there will be little calves all over the place poking their heads over fences and being generally nosey.Last year seemed a poor year for roe dear, and as yet I haven't caught sight of one this spring either. The year before there was an abundance of them - I remember my better half and I stopping to observe a group of five or six of them frollicking and fighting amongst themselves in field of broad beans.
I played the tourist yesterday and spent half an hour watching the goings on on 'The Grand Turk'(above), a full-size replica of an 18th Century Frigate which is moored at Endeavour Wharf in Whitby. A group of unruly schoolkids were poking around deck & jib. One pair of scallywags were using the huge steering wheel as a kind of seesaw - two hundred years ago they would be walking the plank. I believe she sets sail for Belgium shortly, let's hope they dont find any little stowaways..


Margaret Muir said...

I had seen a picture of this tall ship on another site and wondered what ship it was. I knew it wasn't the Endeavour.
Have to say I love your blog and your photography.
You even threw a goat into one photo.
My interestes are writing, tall ships and goats - you seem to have it all!
Plus I recently chose Whitby to set a story in. Am popping back for there (from down under) for a fleeting look in a few weeks time.
I came here through your link on the Yorkshire forum site.
Best regards Marg M

Moribundo said...

Thanks for the kind comments Margaret.'The Grand Turk' is now based in Whitby - but is away in Europe somewhere at the moment but is due back soon. Hopefully you may catch a glimpse when you come to Whitby.It was used in the 'Hornblower' series of swashbuckling TV adventures. Good luck with your latest book - it sounds very ethereal and interesting.