Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

(Photo Taken This Morning)

Spring in Whitby, England. Despite an acute awareness that the passing of years means I have seen Springtime more times in the past than I will in the future, one cannot help but feel the optimism in the chirping birds and crisp, bright mornings. When I moved from the City to the country I vowed to be able to identify each cheap, chirp and whistle individualy, perhaps Bill Oddie and I would one day meet at The White Hart Inn and discuss lark, finch and hawk over warm beer? - as it stands I am yet barely able to distinguish a cow from a horse - but I can appreciate the beauty nevertheless.
It has been a long winter. The bad weather came late and a cruel North Easterly brought snow and sharp frosts. The trawlermen have had a tough time of it too - already restricted by fishing quotas and EEC red tape they have been kept ashore a lot recently by the weather. One of them was telling me that they decided to try and ride out a Force 9 on the NW coast of Scotland instead of seeking shelter ashore. They turned into the storm and had to keep the engines at full speed just to stay still. They could not trawl of course, but there was method in their apparent madness - they knew that the vast majority of boats will have stayed in their harbour and that any fish landed immediately after the storm would meet a heavy demand.....and fetch a handsome price at the market! Nice work guys.

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