Sunday, May 14, 2006

Queens Head In The King's Arms? - Not This Time!

Its been one of those oddly English days of grey skies and thin drizzle. It could be November, it could be August - just one of those 'inside- looking-out-of-the-window' days. We took a ride out to Danby, a beautiful little hamlet with a notable former resident. The record books at first seem fairly unremarkable - until marriage number three! - shows how keen this lady was to get ahead..

Marriage 1. Edward Borough, 1526

Marriage 2. John Neville (B.Latimer), 1533.

Marriage 3. Henry VIII Tudor (King Of England) 1543.

Luckily for Catherine Parr, she outlived the ailing King and went on to marry again. The 'Duke Of Wellington Inn' (above) also did its duty for King & Country - it was used as a local recruiting centre during the Napoleonic Wars - But today it served only fine ales and good cheer to this weary traveller. Cheers!

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Johnny Jazz said...

I love 'proper' country pubs, and when I see an image like this I go all dewy eyed. I really need to get out more.