Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bridge Of Sighs

It certainly feels like spring this morning. There is a warm breeze and the birds definitely seem to be enjoying the early morning sunshine. They sound like a million little stockbrokers discussing whether to invest in worms or ladybirds! I took a walk into Mulgrave Woods. The bluebells are coming along nicely but I expect it will be a week or so until they are at thier best. I stopped briefly at 'Sam's Bridge' - a rickety log bridge spanning a small stream. My dog Sam used to have serious misgivings about traversing this ramshackle pontoon. He would sooner plunge into the freezing brook or attempt a death-defying leap accross it rather than risk a short pad accross the 'timbers of death'. My beloved pup passed away eighteen months ago - but the bridge always brings a smile. As I crossed the bridge today I half listened for the patter of paws behind me but, alas, it seemed I was alone - although I'm almost certain I heard a distant splash from somewhere...

The song thrush in the garden seems to be getting used to our presence and stays put atop her precious eggs even when we approach with a chugging lawnmower.There has been stray cat prowling around of late - which is a little worrying as the nest is only five or six feet above the ground. They say you should let nature take its course - now, where did I put that pepper..


jafabrit said...

I remember going into the woods near hetton le hole and sitting down in awe at all the bluebells. What a memory I cherish. sorry you lost your dog. They become such an important part of our lives. How bittersweet it is to enjoy an old rickety bridge eh!

jayne d'Arcy said...

So beautiful, so green... you live in faeryland. I'm sure your dog is still following you, especially to make sure you get across that little bridge.

Moribundo said...

Jafabrit - One of the best places I know for bluebells is Middleton Woods - about three miles from the centre of Leeds! I only found out recently that England has the most bluebells anywhere in the World.

Jayne - things are probably
approaching thier greenest right now. Sam enjoyed his 'retirement' - he was born under a shed in Gildersome, West Yorkshire and had many uninspiring walks around streets and car parks in his youth.He certainly made up for it when we moved here - a dog on deserted beach is a joy to behold!