Monday, May 22, 2006

A Brief Stop In Udders Field

A cloudy day with intermittent drizzle - its hard to believe that the south of England has a severe water shortage! No plans today so we just took off in the car and meandered around the country lanes around Sandsend and Mulgrave. There are a multitude of calves in the fields and if one stops the car and gets out one soon has an attentive and inquisitive audience (above). Many of the lambs born just weeks ago are growing fast and are gaining the confidence to stray briefly from Mum and the countryside seems alive with moos, bleats and Baahs. We stopped briefly in Mulgrave Woods to take another look at the bluebells - I could stand and admire them till..well, till the cows come home..


jafabrit said...

Oh what a joy to see all those bluebells, brought tears to my eyes. I haven't seen a site like that for over 28 years. Magical. The nearest I have come to seeing a field of blue is when we drove from Dallas to San Antonio and saw a field of blue bonnets. Not quite the same, but beautiful nevertheless.

Moribundo said...

Its a shame bluebells have such a brief flourish in the spring Jafabrit. My knowledge of flowers, as well as birds, is pretty pathetic - but I know a bluebell when I see one!