Monday, June 12, 2006

Comings And Goings

The invasion has begun! The hot weather has brought thousands to Whitby - including these 'Vikings' who were in town for another Viking funeral. A local man tragically drowned, despite the heroic efforts of a very brave friend to save him. The narrow streets of the town struggle to cope with the huge number of visitors - but who can blame them? There is no place like Whitby on God's Earth. Here in the outskirts the skies are full of birdsong - House martins have forsaken the plains of Africa for the eaves of English dwellings and everywhere radiates with the lushest green. I took a walk out of the village to take a picture of my 'English Scene'. Its just a view that I love - not the prettiest or the most spectacular, just...well, my favourite. Unfortunately it was a little misty - and even 'Daisy' (below) wasn't playing ball! Maybe tommorrow...

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