Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Magnet For Romans & Countrymen

An ancient Roman road marks part of the route to Rosedale and one can only imagine the discomfort of the Legion as they trudged the high moors with a vicious Yorkshire wind whistling through their skirts! The contrast between the rugged moors and the pleasant pastures of the dale can be seen in this photo. The village of Rosedale Abbey itself is simply beautiful and I cannot believe I have never been before. Magnetic ironstone was mined here during the 19th Century and one can still see the oxidized 'blood' of this precious industrial ore seeping from the moors onto the road after heavy rain. The small gate leading to the tiny churchyard of St. Lawrence is like an invitation to a secret garden and one can only feel a sense of blessedness for those at peace in such tranquil surroundings.

We signed the visitors book in the Church (Look it up if you ever find yourself on 'The Leodensian Trail'!) and then set about seeking spirits of a different kind....

'The White Horse Farm Hotel' is situated about 300 yards up a steep hill and has some breathtaking views from the beer garden.

(I know this entry reads a little like one of those dreary 'Travel' sites - but Rosedale Abbey really is worth a visit....cheers!)


jafabrit said...

No not dreary. I am thoroughly enjoying your posts and photographs.


heartbeatoz said...

Great Pictures and Stories

Cheers from Australia

Moribundo said...

Thank You kindly!

Di Mancino said...

Thanks for the great picture, really did enjoy reading your blog, please keep it up!
Perth WAustralia