Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oliver's Twist

Sunday 6th April 2008

Next April it will be exactly 500 years since the birth of Oliver Cromwell - Lord Protector of England, Commander of the New Model Army...and general all round spoilsport. The puritanical cove banned festivities in general and Morris dancing in particular. Just why he considered prancing peasants waving handkerchiefs with bells round their ankles a particulary potent threat to national security heaven only knows. Thankfully, this colourful troupe performing on Endeavour Wharf, Whitby are in danger of losing nothing more than their dignity! Despite the cold winds and intermittent snow showers, sights such as these signal the start of the tourist season. Soon the the streets will echo to the sounds of street musicians, folk singers and dancing marionettes.

Almost as complex, it seems, as Morris Men syncronizing hankies or sticks, is keeping giddy dogs tangle free...but then again, there's no law against it!


weechuff said...

What lovely pictures! Reminds me of summer, which seems a long way off at the moment. I moved to South Yorkshire 6 years ago from Kent, and have never been to Whitby. It looks a great place:0)

Leodis Moribundo said...

Thanks Sandie.There was a decent break in the clouds when I took the Morris Dancer photo - but the blokes in the background with the hoodies and hands in pockets gives the game away! Spring (But avoiding Bank Holidays!) is a great time to visit Whitby - the crowds aren't quite as intense and you wouldn't have to queue outside the 'Magpie' Cafe for the Rick Stein-reccommended cod & chips!