Sunday, April 06, 2008

One Good Tern Deserves Another..

Grand National day here in England. Pen tops are chewed studiously and chins stroked intently as millions of us savour the prospect of easy money courtesy of little men in harlequin silks astride half a ton of graceful muscle. Hence I retired to 'The Duke of York' in Whitby to study the form and seek inspiration. As I approached the Inn I saw this seagull 'studying the form' of a rubbish bin and the treasures within. An omen perhaps? A portentious hint from the deity of fortune?

I watched a while longer as the tenacious tern rummaged and ransacked to the exclusion of all else - tourists, dogs...even a nearby pneumatic drill! I left the gull to its toil and sought the warmth of cold beer in the pub. I studied the form guide in my newspaper but nothing caught the eye nor the imagination
On the way out the gull was still there and seemed to be assessing the meagre fruits of its labour...Eureka! (My Horse came forth and I won £4.00 - not a fortune by any means, but enough to buy some fish &'s that seagull gone...?)


weechuff said...

What wonderful photographs you take! I thoroughly enjoyed your blogs, and have added you to my favourites. I will be back:0)

Leodis Moribundo said...

Thanks for the kind comments Sandie. I do seem to 'get lucky' sometimes with the photo opportunities!For example, I got off the bus yesterday and was almost immediatley confronted by a troupe of Morris dancers - not something you see every day! Welcome once again to this little corner of England.