Monday, April 17, 2006

Fowl Play At The Duck Race?

Its a Bank Holiday here in England. For the uninitiated, this is the traditional day for the typical Briton to jump into the car, get stuck in a traffic jam for four hours, then eat soggy sandwiches by the side of a busy trunk road. The photo here was taken this morning at Sandsend, a popular beauty spot about three miles North of Whitby. It was taken around 7.00am and as you can see there is not a a solitary soul to be seen. I shall be back to Sansend this afternoon to witness the traditional Easter 'duck race' - compare the later photograph to the one seen here and you will get the flavour of a British Bank Holiday! Since I moved to the countryside five years ago I have been astonished as to just how seriously the locals take their fetes, fairs and shows. We once entered a rural Inn to find two aged gentlemen engaged in an almighty fracas - sleeves were rolled up and it took a touch of master diplomacy from the Landlord to prevent bloodshed. The reason for the debacle? Infidelity? Money lent but not returned? No - this unholy row centered on the rules of ONION GROWING! So expect skullduggery and intrigue at the duck race this afternoon - its bound to end in tears..


A healthy crowd turned out for the duck race. There WAS some jiggerypokery and the odd duck got a helping hand - but otherwise a fair contest with duck No.341 romping to victory.... exhausted but triumphant.

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